iridology is the science and practice of performing an analysis of the iris (colored section of the eye) and the pupil. The iris
shows essentially genetic predispositions. Iridology is
a safe, non-invasive science,
which can be integrated with both orthodox and complementary medicine.
Iridology helps the patient learn about their strengths and weaknesses and become more aware of what they can do to help themselves. The Iridologist will guide the patient as to the best ways of reversing existing conditions and managing genetic weaknesses.The iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy. It is connected
to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the nervous system. Through the optic nerves, which are attached to the eyes, vision information is sent to
the brain. At the same time information is sent back to the eyes from the brain about your overall level of health.
Iridology reveals the level of health and the presence of tissue inflammation in the body, where
it located and what stage it has reached - acute, sub-acute, chronic or degenerative.