Sclerology is the study of the red lines, and colors, in the white of the eyes and how they relate
to stress-patterns in a person's health. The sclera is a system status indicator that reveals possible current health issues.
A Sclerologist interprets these findings, and helps you understand how the body is struggling or adapting to maintain balance; and thus know how to apply natural therapies to prevent problems from occurring or help the body correct problems already occurring.

What is a person's predisposition to disease?
What is the hidden symptoms that can point the way to assistance? What will your health challenges be five years from now? Information regarding these insights may possibly be portrayed in the sclera -the red veins in white of the eyes. All
you need is the key to unlocking
their reflexive message! Are
cold hands and feet a circulatory, thyroid, constitutional-vitality,
or immunological problem?
The answer is reflected in the sclera. The sclera contains information showing where weaknesses may possibly lie.